Well kids, I don’t have any good reasons for not updating this since June 4, 2010.
Unless you consider the following to be good reasons: full-time graduate student, 3 jobs, classes, a full case load of sobbing clients with issues ranging from substance abuse to domestic abuse who beg me to make their pain go away, daily paperwork for said clients, writing a book, over 4 hours of commuting per week, maintaining a long-distance relationship, and keeping up a social life with old friends and classmates.

I do, however, have a good reason for not updating in the past week: internet at my apartment is out. Although even that is not a good excuse, because I have been frequenting a local restaurant called “The Junction” to use their Wifi. (How do you spell Wifi? Not sure). Anyway, a miniature train runs along the top of the wall there, making it feel like I am trapped (but in a good way) inside a never-ending episode of Mr. Rogers.

Last time I was there I was focusing so much on the train that I spilled my glass of water all over my keyboard. I told Doug to go ask for napkins and he came back and said that a waitress said she would bring a bunch over in a second. But one minute later I was still dripping and we had seen no trace of napkins. Then the waitress he had talked to, along with two others, came out holding an ice cream sundae and singing “Happy Birthday” to the table of high school students next to us. Clearly we’d been forgotten.

Earlier that week I had spilled my water at a Thai restaraunt, after which the guy at the table next to me shouted out “Don’t worry about that! I do that all the time!” which I thought was a kind gesture from a stranger.

Also, during Sunday breakfast I poured coffee on my pancake instead of syrup. I just grabbed the wrong pitcher and started pouring and said out loud, as I poured, “This syrup is really liquid-y.” Krys says this is the best thing to have happened in 2011.