1. You are hired without a background check or references called to go into children’s homes to provide therapeutic services.

2. Your boss asks you to drive your clients long distances to dance classes and gymnastics classes. Without reimbursement.

3. You are required to ask your client her size in leotard and tights, when body image is one of her trigger issues.

4. Your boss’s mom repeatedly asks you, in front of your clients and their parents, when you will be available to voluntarily host weekly arts and crafts and checkers club for your clients (something you’ve never heard of, let alone volunteered for).

5. Your boss encourages (insists) that you conduct confidential sessions in public settings.

6. Your clients’ parents have your cell phone number, and they call at night to ask for rides to Walmart.

7. When you drive to your clients’ homes for your scheduled appointments, they are not there.

8. Your boss plans the one and only staff meeting for 6:30 pm on a Friday night.

9. Your boss says he will bring your paycheck to Friday night meeting, and then fails to show up for said meeting.

10. Your other boss says he cannot afford the gas to drive in for meeting because he has not yet been paid. As he puts it, “You just can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.”

11. You make plans to meet up with your boss the next week so he can give you aforementioned paycheck, and he doesn’t show up there either. When you call, he asks if you can pick him up and give him a ride to his house, where he left your paycheck.

12. As you are driving your boss to his house to pick up aforementioned paycheck, you notice his street address mysteriously matches the address of the “office” the organization is rumored to be building.

13. As you pull away from boss’s house, you open your paycheck to realize that all the hassle of the past two months has made you a grand total of forty dollars.

14. When it finally occurs to you to look up your boss’s public records, you discover his extensive (and recent) history of drug busts, getting his driver’s license revoked multiple times on account of drug busts, and driving with revoked license (maybe that’s why you had to drive him home last week..?) Probably doesn’t bode well for an agency designed to keep kids off drugs and out of legal trouble. Just sayin’.