Our little Christmas tree has been lying flat on the floor ever since I put it up last week. We stopped bothering to fix it, because Ketos will never be able to resist jumping up, wrapping his body around it, and bringing it crashing down. He even broke the wing off my cherub angel. Doug’s theory is that he’s so much of a devil that he can’t stand the thought of an angel being present in our home.

So now we have…. refrigerator tree.
Still can’t work yet. Inquired again to the lady at the board who said, “Not this week, maybe next week.”
So I’ve been spending my time conducting in-depth background searches on past and present friends, lovers, teachers, and relatives, as the recent past has led me to believe I’m far too trusting. If you have dirt in your past, rest assured that I will find it (or have found it already).
I conducted a thorough background check on the clinical director of my previous job, not to be confused with my drug-dealing boss who hired him (not a sentence I ever thought I’d write, but alas, life is unpredictable).
You’d think I would have searched him sooner, and I had, but searches weren’t turning anything up and it wasn’t until I thought to start Googling his name along with words like “unethical” and “scam” that I really started getting results. I’ve learned that he’s been sexually abusive to nursing home residents, abuses cocaine, and was fired/escorted out by police/banned from the premises of his last job. But, most amusingly, I found him featured in this newspaper article from 1992…