80’s soft rock was the perfect soundtrack to my childhood, as I was such a deeply emotional child. My mom always had it on the radio. I would ask to ride along to drop off and pick up my sister from dance class just so I could listen to 80’s soft rock from the backseat of our mini van. There I would slowly nod my head in understanding to songs like “Hard to say I’m Sorry” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” while I thought about all my little school friends.

A year ago I watched the entire infomercial for an “Easy 80’s Time Life Box Set” that was playing on a sample T.V. at Best Buy. I couldn’t pry myself away. My songs! My youth! All in 10 amazingly overpriced CDs.

A couple weeks ago I went on a music-downloading spree for the first time since the good old days of Limewire and Kazaa. (Who knew you have to pay for music now? Lame).

I downloaded my 86 favorite 80’s soft rock songs, and have been listening to them on loop ever since. I am constantly nodding my head in understanding/feeling deeply moved/remembering my little school friends.

I plan to burn them onto CDs before our upcoming roadtrip this weekend. (Though when I asked Doug for a few of his blank CDs, he claimed they don’t work for 80’s soft rock…. hmmm…)

Any other secret fans of 80’s soft rock out there? I’d be more than willing to send you copies of the CDs in exchange for the validation that someone else loves these songs as much as I do. You don’t have to reveal yourself in public– feel free to message me privately.

Artists include: Air Supply, Alias, All-4-One, Atlantic Starr, Bangles, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel, Bob Carlisle, Bonnie Tyler, Boyz II Men, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Cher, Chicago, Dan Hill, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Don Henley, England Dan, Expose, Glenn Medeiros, Heart, Helen Reddy, The Jets, Jim Brickman, Kenny Rogers, Leo Sayer, Linda Ronstadt, Louis Armostrong, Mariah Carey,  Michael Bolton, Michael W. Smith, Monica, Natalie Cole, Paul Davis, Peabo Bryson, Peter Cetera, Phil Colllins, REO Speedwagon, Richard Marx, Rick Astley, Rod Stewart, Roxette, Selena, Sergio Mendes, Starship, and Whitney Houston.