The best feature of WordPress, hands down, is that you get to see all the Google search terms that lead people to your blog. I have compiled a list of some of my faves that I am sharing below. The things written in parenthesis next to some of them are my reactions.

Puddle of blood

Traveling salesman getting laid

How not to become a slut when single (There’s gotta be an eHow on this somewhere.)

Pics of bo sluts

The family slut

Whats the romintic litter that start with j

How I became the family slut (This one is the most frequently searched for, by far. Thinking of starting a support group?)

Pluck my eyebrows slut (Now we’re talkin’!)

Slut familyslut family

Indian men

I have a crush on coworker at panera

J bo images sexy girls

Cats for days

Snapfish sluts

Pros and cons of fame

Pictures of people cleaning buses (Rivoting.)

Had to pee bucket (No shame- we’ve all been there.)

Can I take synthetic cannabis onto greyhound? (Technically no, but I promise you nobody will check.)

Adorable dogs reading books (Don’t get me started…)

Smell like shit

Blow up dolls poop (This reminds me of that kid’s book: “Everybody Poops.”)

How much is it to tow a car 130 miles (Not as much as it costs to take a Greyhound across the country.)

Diseases that grow on blow up dolls (Good to be informed.)

Definition of schmesolution

“shower into a closet”

white girl with Indian guy

girl watching in the pant of little boy (???)

unexpected bus porno (Totally the best kind of bus porno.)

תחפושת טטריס

woman got fuck unexpectedly in bus (A lot of things happen unexpectedly on the bus, ok?)

a irish man peuking

greyhound bus Cincinnati to Montana (Don’t do it!)

either way he’s your homeboy (I admire your loyalty, brother.)

“doug honks”

never date a slut (Actually it is okay to date a slut—you just don’t want to marry one.)