My blood, sweat, and tears LITERALLY went into last night’s dinner, as I accidentally grated my thumb on the cheese grater.


(That is definitely the last time I do a Google image search for “blood puddle”).
Anyway. Cooking tends to be stressful for me. I need to have something I enjoy as I do it, so I’ve been buying sparkling grape juice to drink as I cook. Without fail, every time I buy it at Walmart, there is some man behind the register (different one every time) who will, without fail, make a comment about my purchase. Something along the lines of “Don’t get too crazy now, you hear?” or “All of the sparkle and none of the pop?” Right. Not alcoholic. I get it. Ha. Ha.
Now that I have secured a job that provides me with paychecks that I do not have to pick up on street corners, I have been making all of the purchases that I had been putting off due to the perpetual state of all-consuming dread known as upcoming student loan payments. (Or, as I think Ketos would describe it, “She has been bringing home lots of stuff with fun new smells in those white plastic things–great for chewing”).
Like a hanging zip-up case for my jewelry, so that Ketos will no longer run around the apartment with my earrings in his mouth. And those sweet laptop pads I’ve envied Noemi for for months that are so damn soft it feels like you’re typing on a cloud. And a $2.99 bathtup stopper, so that I can finally take baths without using Doug’s invention of cramming a handful of tin foil down the drain.
Yep, things are looking up.