Went to San Francisco last weekend for my cousin’s wedding– first event I’ve been to in fifteen years with choreographed square dancing (the last one being my elementary school’s mandatory dance unit).

It was actually really fun. I danced until I was exhausted, at which point I sat out and was joined by a creepy old guy who claimed to be married to the fiddle player. He told me his life story until the square dance choreographer announced he’d be teaching a new dance.

“Want to dance?” Creepy Old Guy asked.


“Ok,” I said, surveying the dance floor. What was the worst that could happen in a well-lit circle of sixty square-dancers?

But when we were instructed to hold hands with our partner and swing them around, I starting thinking of ways to get out of it. Until a MIRACLE occurred. Let’s just say I have never been so happy to hear that the square dance I was learning was one in which you switch partners every thirty seconds. (Especially when Creepy Old Guy pulled me in close during our first and last do-si-do and said, “Let’s do it this way since it’s our last time together”).

The next day my family went to see Jenny’s office at Mozilla Firefox and Ben’s office at Idle Games. Seeing their work spaces had me SERIOUSLY re-evaluating my life choices and wondering if I should drop therapy and learn code.

Both companies provide them with all the free food, beverages, Nintendo games, and alcohol they could ever want. Shelves and shelves full, free for the taking! Mom and I got so excited that we started eating everything in sight–even though we had just had lunch–just because we could. This is how I ended up with a sickness that I termed “Mozilla Belly.”

Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Doug and I have adopted a second kitten. Doug wants to name her something Greek or Navajo but in the meantime I like to call her My Sweet Little Owl Face. I brought her home Tuesday night and she promptly ran under our bed and did not come out for forty-eight hours.

Today as I was cleaning the toilet I looked over and saw Ketos literally raping My Sweet Little Owl Face in the hallway. It was quite jarring.

“I just thought he’d be my little baby forever!” I whined to Doug afterwards as he held me and sang “End of the Innocence.”

I’d leave you with a picture of Owl Face, but since she’s currently under our couch where she spends 90% of her time, the best I can do is leave you with a picture of our couch.