1). Went to pay for a $7 pair of shoes at a consignment store (was killing time before picking up my Chinese food next door, and was now late). Got stuck behind someone paying for a $50 purchase all in dimes.

2). Scraped the ice off my windshield half-assedly, started to drive but couldn’t see anything. Pulled into someone’s driveway to finish scraping. Got out and looked up to see sign over garage that said, “Don’t even THINK about parking here.”

3). Reason #500 why I miss grad school: It used to be perfectly acceptable and expected to spend at least an hour a week sobbing in your supervisor’s office when you felt like an incompetent therapist/human being. Feel like I shouldn’t do this at my real job.

4). Got to thinking the other day about how the whole course of my life changed when I met Doug. Where I live, where I work, and everyone I meet from now on is totally dependent on the fact that I went to the birthday party of an acquaintance– not even a friend, just an acquaintance– my junior year of college (and gave my number to a guy I didn’t even like at the time, mostly so he would go away). Keep that in mind next time you let someone flirt with you at a college bar.