You found me!

Dropping Blogspot is my first attempt at taking myself more seriously as a blogger. The next step is to stop covering my ears and screaming whenever somebody reads my writing out loud in front of me.

Finding an available domain name kind of sucked. The good news was that I got to drop my crappy last name which has done nothing but confuse people my whole life. The bad news was that is already taken by some bitch who makes hand-embroidered linens.

The last time I had my own domain name was in elementary school. My dad bought my sister and me each our own website for our birthdays. He filled mine with clip art of balloons and a heading that said “Welcome to Julie Net!”

I recently found out that my sister used her web site to sell stickers on a national-level for a profit. Pretty impressive for a fourth-grader.

As for me, I liked the balloon clip art so I just left it there forever (well, until my sister took over my site, which she admitted to recently). Whatever. I was too tied up with Beanie Baby weddings to be bothered with learning html, anyway.

Here’s to hoping this goes better!