Candace Knoebel (whose book is out today- congrats to her!) nominated me for a lovely blog award a couple months ago. Once you’re nominated you’re supposed to give a shout-out/link to the person who nominated you, post 7 things about yourself on your blog, and then nominate 15 more bloggers and let them know they’re nominated. I am just now getting around to this, mostly because I did not even know 15 bloggers a couple months ago or what a blog award actually is. Actually, I still don’t know what a blog award is. But here we go.

Rather than share 7 facts about myself, I’ve decided to share 7 things that have happened to me in the past two weeks.

In the past two weeks I…

1. Ended a therapy session with a child slightly early because I just could not stop thinking about half of a leftover sandwich waiting for me in my fridge.

2. Met a woman on an elevator who told me she got stuck in the doors of a moving elevator three days before her wedding.

“So I guess you had to postpone the wedding?” I asked.

“Hell no,” she replied proudly. “I walked down that aisle with a concussion and two broken arms. And I refused to let them cut the sleeves off my dress.”

3. Decided I will have to kill the next person who says, “Pretend that you like each other” before taking a picture.

4. Had to have an extra search at airport security due to Doug’s Montana belt buckle residing in my suitcase.

5. Began collecting toy robots. No, I lie. I started collecting them two months ago. But my robots doubled in the past two weeks. I’m up to four.

6. Met a girl with the same first and last name of someone I knew in high school. It was her birthday and she offered me a cookie.

7. Put on too much of my friend’s too-dark foundation and got made fun of for looking like I was wearing black-face.

And here are my 15 nominations of blogs I’ve been enjoying lately:

Keychanges. I’m obsessed with Nic’s writing and convinced that we’re blog soul mates. I e-mailed him after discovering his blog to tell him that I am creepily obsessed with him and to ask how I can become more awesomer.

Ardent and Awkward in Austin. Genuine and hilarious writing that I am creepily obsessed with.

Anchors & Freedom. a fellow quarter-life crisis blogger who has had a way more interesting life than I.

Cooking my way Through Life. Noemi is my BFF and the person I called last year when I realized I didn’t know how to boil water. I highly recommend her pizza pockets.

Nina Badzin’s Blog. Good insights on writing and life. She is also challenging herself to read 50 books and watch 50 movies in one year, and I think she has like four kids, so that’s pretty impressive.

EnLove with Life. Fashion blogger with awesome outfits. Now she’s always in my head when I go shopping.

Bottledworder. Good writing about writing.

Writing by the Numbers. A fellow writer who writes enjoyable and reflective essays.

There & Back. Beautiful photography from around the world.

Nurse Frugal. The life of a frugal nurse.

Life and all things love. The name pretty much speaks for itself.

Eggton. Really funny writing with some recipes thrown in, too.

Traveling Marla. Funny travel writer.

Lostnchina. Meanderings of someone working, living, and lost in China. Very funny.

Clotidajamcracker. Funny stories and fun artwork.