Don’t talk yourself out of contacting an old friend
(Because it’s been too long or they never liked you that much or you’ve gained weight)
If you are having the thought to reach out to someone
It’s because they need to hear from you.

When an old friend won’t reach out to you:
Breathe. Live your life.
They love you.
They’ll be back.

Each new age and life stage will bring its own losses
But also its new opportunities
Focus on the opportunities.

Politics are just a stream of unpleasant noises emanating from T.V.s
Don’t be fooled
Most of us want the same good things.

It’s okay to care about how you look.
You should care.
An interest in fashion is not superficial.
It’s an easy way to feel happy every day.

Good jobs will pay you to take days off
Don’t be someone who turns these down
Be someone who trades them for adventures.

You don’t have to go big places to have big adventures.

It is a privilege to have a career working with people
No matter how needy or broken or bizarre
The day this stops feeling like a privilege
Is the day you need to find something else to do

It is an honor to get to live among animals
The fact that we can be best friends with an animal its whole life
Without exchanging one word
Is the surest proof of God

Every romance will feel slightly off until you meet your one true person
If you can’t put your finger on the problem—that’s the problem.

People die horrific deaths every second
We don’t need to know why
There is no why
Only the understanding that every life is too short
And that without death, life would be meaningless.

The best time to give a gift
Is when you want somebody to have something
For no special reason.

Read books.
On airplanes, in the bath tub, on your head,
Or else you are missing most of the world.

Don’t watch T.V. unless you have a good reason.

Say yes to any interesting invitation that comes your way
Sure, you’re busy.
Life is busy.

The only thing separating you from anybody else in this world
Is who your parents happened to be
And what circumstances you were born into.
This is not a reason to feel either jealousy or guilt
You have what you have.

Be confident.
You don’t need any particular knowledge or education to make a difference
If you are worried about making a difference
You probably already are.

Happy New Year, friends.