How’s everyone doing with their New Year’s Resolutions? Mine is to respond to all my text messages, which is funny, because turns out that texting less is the 34th most common resolution this year. I’m pretty sure I’m batting 100 so far. (Is that how the saying goes? Urban Dictionary is giving conflicting definitions. I know nothing about baseball. That’s from baseball, right? I’m terrible with sports. What I’m trying to say is that I’m perfect).

I’m great at resolutions. Last year my one modest goal was to keep my desktop clean.

Desktop shot from Jan 1, 2012:


Desktop shot from Dec. 31, 2012:


^If you look closely you can find a Michelle Branch CD, a scanned copy of my Masters degree, a picture of my dad asleep with a penis straw in his pocket, a Word document that lists the names of the 62 closest friends I have ever had, a resignation letter from my last job that I wrote out long before I resigned (just so that I could visualize myself leaving and therefore be less likely to stab my eyeballs out), and an adorable photo of chimpanzee babies.

2012 in a nutshell, folks.