The more important stuff I have to do, the more meaningless shit I find to do instead of that important stuff.

I had five important tasks to undertake this weekend:

1)   Study for a big test I’m taking next month.

2)   Respond to all your awesome comments.

3)   Do some serious revising of my book to make sure I stay on top of swapping deadlines with Nic, my BFF (blog friend forever?)/critique partner.

4)   Finish sending out Christmas cards and presents. I know, I know…

5)   Finish drawing the (possibly racist?) cartoon logo my dad contracted me to design for his new conservative club. (“Conservatism is the black liberation movement,” says he, according to my sister’s Twitter account: ShitMyGOPdadSays).


1)   Watch every music video that has ever featured Pitbull, ever.

2)   Conduct extensive online research to identify and purchase the highest quality window-attachable cat bed.

3)   Go out to a bar with Doug and keep insisting we stay out later and later because it feels like we’re in college again! and I just saw a girl over at the bar who looks just like that one girl in that extended group of friends we used to go out with and its making me so nostalgic for everything even though I never even really liked that girl, the bar scene, or college that much in the first place.

4)   Bake pink Valentine’s cookies.

5)   See how well I can imitate the cats scratching at the door while Doug is in the bathroom. (It’s so great when he opens the door looking down, expecting to see the cats!)

6)   Facebook-Message old high school friends who I haven’t spoken to since May of 2005. There’s no time like the present, right?

7)   Decide that I must, here and now, begin an annual tradition of watching the Grammy’s, even though I’m not positive until I turn it on whether it’s the awards show for movies or music or T.V. shows.

8)   Finally clean out the bowl of pasta that has been molding in the refrigerator for months.*

*Actually I did not do this. It’s still in there along with the molding Christmas cheesecake brownies. **

**Actually, I did just get rid of the molding Christmas cheesecake brownies. But only because I needed a pan for the pink Valentine’s cookies.