After unexpectedly extending our summer vacation by half a week, the universe has re-balanced itself by cutting our spring break trip short.

We figured a roadtrip to a lakeside destination with friends would be a safe bet, because it’s not like there would be a random, massive snow storm at the end of March or anything.


Spring breeeeeeeak!!

We got to walk around and see a lot of dead stuff.



Our condo’s balcony would have been awesome if it had ever gotten above freezing.


Late Saturday evening, after a concerned text message from my parents, we made the sad decision to head home a day early in order to avoid the massive snow storm that was headed our way.

But not before making this wrong turn onto an abandoned go-kart track which we briefly mistook for a popular seafood restaurant:


And being served this side of broccoli:


“This was probably the best decision,” John said as we rolled back into town at about 2am. (Bummed out, we’d been trying to convince ourselves of this for the past six hours).

“It was definitely one of the best decisions of the trip,” Doug said.

I laughed. “And we sure made some good ones.”

“Right,” Doug said. “Like where to go.”

“And when to go,” said Laura.

“Plus a whole host of tacit decisions,” John pointed out. “Like not to kill anybody, or ourselves.”

True that.

(At least it still beats the spring break my high school boyfriend came home from a trip abroad dating a sophomore).

Happy spring, y’all.