This facial foaming cleanser lasts forevskis. It’s only 3/5 gone after using it at least twice daily for the past seven months. I’ve been using this product for years, and usually I never even make it to the bottom of the bottle. Some kind of natural disaster happens first, such as accidentally throwing it out in a move or accidentally breaking the bottle and having to pour it into a roommate’s borrowed soap dispenser (Thanks Lulu)!

Anyway. What better occasion than reaching the 3/5 point on your facial cleanser to reflect upon all that has happened in the meantime?

Here we go, a review of the past seven months of my life:

-Gained back weight lost in India. Lost odor.

-Started wearing Jeggings.

-Finished the Bloomington photo collage I started three years ago.

-Became CPR certified.

-Watched seasons 1 and 2 of Glee. Re-watched seasons 1 and 2 of Glee with Doug. (He will deny this).

-Random trip to Canada.

-Found a job.
Quit my job.
Found a job.
Quit my job.
Found a job.
Quit my job.
Found a job.

-Gave up chocolate for one week. Ate my body weight in Thin Mints the next.

-Sister got married.

-Turned 25.

-Played approximately one million games of Candy Land.

-Caught children cheating at Candy Land approximately one million times.

-Learned how to cook (some things). Overcame life-long fear of boiling water.

-Got depressed about the state of the world. Recovered.

-Went to San Francisco twice on my parents’ dime. Had to sit on butt pillow during first flight.

-Got a second kitten. Worried I’d never love it as much as the first. Proven wrong.

-Got turned down by at least eighty literary agents. Learned to embrace mass amounts of rejection.

-Started recycling (After watching The Lorax).

-Accidentally switched to FB Timeline. Burned with regret.

-Square danced.