I had a plan a week ago to write a post about Noemi’s visit and our day trip to Dubuque, Iowa. The aquarium fish we nicknamed “Big Grossey,” my short-lived love affair with Mark Twain, the downtown zombie apocalypse, our ride on the world’s steepest railroad elevator (yeah, that’s a thing), Noemi’s unwanted triple shot of birthday tequila that we had to hide in my water glass, and the runaway arrest we witnessed.

But, alas. Three sets of weekend visitors in a row, a weekly caseload so out of control that I refer to my clients by the wrong names, the looming threat of unemployment, an attempted attack by a psychiatric patient, my bizarre obsession with Courtney from The Bachelor, my compulsive need to read and return all library books by their exact due date, and a diet consisting mainly of buffalo wings and Easter candy has been leaving me with all the excess energy of a… hmmm… something that spends all its time just kind of laying on a futon and moaning a lot.

What’s my point? Oh yes. My parents alerted me last night that Noemi has already blogged about our epic weekend, so lucky me, I can just link you: here.