Today I finally closed down my Illinois bank account, got an Iowa driver’s license, and registered to vote. JUST under a year since my move. Not bad, Julia. Not bad. (Fun fact: I’m wearing the same sweater in my new license picture as I was wearing in my picture from four years ago).

I also became an organ donor, despite my parents having instilled in me a very real and lasting fear that becoming an organ donor could mean that my organs will be swiped from my body if I so much as get rear-ended at a stop sign. Let it be known, here on this blog, that I would appreciate all attempts to be resuscitated before parting with my organs.

Now I understand all those jokes about waiting at the DMV. The mom sitting next to me was bribing her six-year-old to behave by promising a Happy Meal afterwards. Which had me thinking that I deserved a Happy Meal too. Sounded like a better plan that eating a melted Lunchable in my car in the parking lot, which for some reason had been my Plan A.
My reasons for getting a Happy Meal ended up being two-fold: 1) I did not want to over-eat, 2) I have never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger/cheeseburger, I have only had their chicken products. This is only because I am extremely picky and I don’t know what they put on their burgers (pickles? onions? mustard? other gross stuff?), and even if I order a burger without those things, what if they are pre-made so they just scrape them off, leaving an onion/pickle-tasting residue? I thought this could be my chance to ask what they put on their burgers while making it look like I was ordering for a picky child rather than myself. Today when I asked what came on a Happy Meal cheeseburger, the guy listed only ketchup, cheese, and pickles. So I told him to just hold the pickles. But then when I opened my Happy Meal cheeseburger (which I ate outside so the guy couldn’t see that it was for me), it did indeed have MUSTARD and ONIONS, thus confirming my fear of McDonald’s burgers and my decision to stick to chicken. At least know I now, and isn’t knowing better than not knowing, even if its bad news?