A weird thing has happened since I started blogging: People have gotten the impression that my life is bizarre and/or uniquely interesting.

“You have the wildest adventures!” numerous readers have told me. “The weirdest things happen to you! Your life is fascinating! How do you attract so many crazy things?”

I still have not figured out the correct way to respond to these incorrect assumptions. So I just blush, stammer, and say something like “eh… hah.”

And although it makes me feel kind of good about myself that people think this, I am here today to come clean:

My life is average, average, average.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, my life is bizarre. Everything I write is true.

But that’s because LIFE is bizarre. Everybody’s is. I would bet triple the amount of my student loan debt that my life is not one bit weirder than yours, whoever you are, reading this right now.

I just have an eye for the absurd and the compulsion to write it down.

Beyond that, I can only think of two semi-legitimate reasons why my life might be slightly more interesting than someone chosen at random from a sampling of individuals who share my age, gender, geographical location, and SES.

  1. I’m a therapist, so I meet all kinds of people and hear all kinds of things. (But I don’t even get to share these stories because they’re protected by confidentiality- so none of you even know my craziest material).
  1. I tend to travel frequently. Weird things happen when you travel. Period. Anyone who travels is aware of this on some level. But do you know what drives me to travel in the first place? Boredom with my average life.

Mostly I just spend way too much time on Facebook, get incredibly anxious about everything, and occasionally watch Teen Mom.

I promise you that nobody who followed me around for a day or a week or a year would ever say anything like “OMG, Your life is so interesting!”

Instead, they would probably say things like:

“If you don’t get up from that futon once in a while you could get a blood clot.”

“Are you deep in thought or just watching the cats lick each other again?”

“You spend an unusual amount of time reflecting on the past.”

“Dude. Your job sucks.”

“Peanut butter for dinner again?”

“How many times a week do you have to get locked out of your accounts before you just start writing down your freaking passwords already?”

“I’m bored.”

“Its embarrassing how excited you get for The Bachelorette. 

“Surely you have something more pressing to do than look through the wedding album of someone you sort of knew five years ago?”

You get the picture.

So if I’ve made my life sound exceptionally interesting, then it’s a testament to how interesting even the most average of lives are.

Please know that if you want to find the weirdness/adventure/craziness/absurdity in your own life, you just have to look for it. It’s there. I promise. You either just haven’t been noticing, or haven’t been writing it down.