The following are statements Doug made while I watched the first episode of Fuller House.


“This is surreal. It’s like what you see after you die but before your brain is dead.”


“I hear DJ kills herself in the first episode.”


During the scene that juxtaposed the characters singing “Meet the Flintstones” in the 80’s with them singing it now: “What is this, a grim reminder of the passage of time?”


“I’m having a hard time dealing with everyone’s sexuality.”


*After he immediately turned the TV off after the first episode*

Me: I want to watch the next one!

Doug: No way.

Me: Oh come on, you marathon Degrassi all the time!

Doug: That’s completely different. Degrassi goes down smooth. This was like swallowing a dish rag: it was difficult, it took a long time, and I thought it would have to come back up.