Hi friends – I need your help!

I really want to write new posts, but lately I’ve been experiencing a bout of blogger’s block when it comes to thinking up ideas. So I’m turning it back to you guys.

Anything you’ve been wanting to know about me or my experiences–past or present–but didn’t think it was okay to ask? Any topics you keep secretly hoping I’ll write about, but you’re a lurker who would rather superglue your own fingers to your eyeballs than ever leave a comment? (This is totally my approach to the internet; I get it!) Anything you’ve seen here before that you want more of? Do you just have a random, cool idea? Not only is this your chance; I am actually begging you to help me.

My hope is to eventually write about every serious suggestion I receive. I’ll only leave one out if it is something I don’t feel I can write about effectively, or if it doesn’t seem like a good fit for this space, or if I die before I get around to it.

So please take a few seconds to submit your idea(s) through the form below. Submissions are anonymous unless you sign your name. Feel free to submit today, next week, or five years from now- it will all end up in my inbox and be considered just the same.

(You can also leave a Facebook comment, send a private message, email/text/Tweet me. I’m down with 2016. Just not Instagram. I don’t understand it and it scares me.)

Thanks guys!