These days, I’m extremely unlikely to finish any given book I start. If I can put it down at any point and not feel tortured wondering what happens next, then I will. But here are five books I was completely unable to walk away from in 2019:


Have a Little Faith in Me by Sonia Hartl

“When CeCe’s born-again ex-boyfriend dumps her after they have sex, she follows him to Jesus camp in order to win him back.”

This book is everything I needed and didn’t have as a confused, supposedly religious teenager with extreme sexual shame.


Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering

“Everyone remembers the one. No, not that one. The other one. The one you couldn’t let go of. The one you’ll never forget.”

This was so dark and delicious.


Last Girl Lied To by L.E. Flynn

“Trixie’s disappearance is ruled a suicide, but Fiona starts to believe that Trixie isn’t really dead.”

I’ve never read a book faster in my life.


After the Workshop by John McNally

Excerpt: “Most people fail to recognize the moment they’ve touched the ceiling of their potential, that point at which they’ve reached the height of their intellectual prowess or the summit of their popularity. It can happen anywhere, at any point in their life—away at college during a study session the night before a final, or on a high school football field while catching the game-winning touchdown. For some poor souls it happens as early as grade school, often inconspicuously: surrounded by friends on the blacktop on the first day back to school, or saying something funny in class that makes even the teacher smile. And then, after that, it’s all downhill.”

Hilarious and poignant story about the dark side of having a dream.


The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves

Excerpt: “From the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of his face. It’s been ten years since we’ve seen each other and though I often struggle to recognize people out of context, there’s no need for me to question whether or not it’s him. I know it’s him.”

I am obsessed with both of these characters.


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