Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for hanging out with me in 2015!

This is the year I got a husband, an agent, and—against all odds—a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich at the Miami airport moments before take-off. So no complaints on my end.

I wanted to take this time to sincerely thank all of you for your readership. Two things have happened in the past month that have reminded me why I love blogging and reaffirmed my commitment to

The first is that I went to my high school reunion and received such nice comments about my blog from all kinds of people who I didn’t know read it, including pretty much everyone I had a crush on in middle school. (7th grade me is still kind of dying.) I’m nostalgic for pretty much everyone I’ve ever known all the time, but I tend to just assume that the people I think about have forgotten about me. So it’s such a great feeling to now know that so many important people from my past have been on this journey with me all along. Shout out PCH ’05!

The other thing is that my post about Doug’s house was featured on WordPress’ Discover feature, which ended up bringing in tons of hits and comments from around the world. That was very cool, and I’m so excited about my new followers. Welcome!

Here’s the thing. My writing life is not a glamorous one. Whenever I have written anything at all, it’s only because I have secluded myself in my messy study for an entire weekend, unbathed and alone with my Pringles and my cookie dough. It can get really lonely.

But having all you great people reach out and let me know that you’re right here with me has reminded me that when I’m writing, I’m really not alone at all. And that’s exactly why I do this.

So truly, thank you. Whether you’ve commented on every post or been an invisible lurker hiding out in the shadows—I appreciate you.

Here’s to hoping I get some exciting writing news to share with you in 2016 🙂

Have an absolutely wonderful holiday and a ridiculously happy new year.

All my love,